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Help continue the legacy of the Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing (KFSN) through your contribution to the Alumni Association’s Legacy Scholarship Fund.  Each year the Alumni Association grants scholarships to nursing students as an ongoing tangible way to continue the legacy of KFSN.  We need your help to do this, as funds for the scholarships come from donations that alumni and friends make who wish to continue to honor KFSN and its contribution to Kaiser Permanente and the nursing profession. 

Albeit, KFSN closed its doors in 1976, the importance of the school is relevant in that “The education and practice of nursing has finally caught up with what Kaiser nurses were taught over 70 years ago”.  KFSN laid the foundation for nursing within Kaiser Permanente and has a legacy that continues today. 

Oakland Medical Center’s Rich History is being told

The 2015 opening of the new Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center offered a unique opportunity to commemorate KFSN’s contribution to the heritage of Kaiser Permanente.  Medical Center planners set aside space in the main corridor of the new specialty Medical Office Building for the recounting of Oakland’s history.  The KFSN Alumni Association collaborated with Medical Center leaders and the Kaiser Permanente Heritage Resources staff to develop a portion of the display to recognize the School of Nursing and the important place that it had in the history of the organization.

Furthermore, the Alumni Association raised funds to commission a life-sized bronze sculpture of a Kaiser student nurse that was gifted to the Oakland Medical Center, home of KFSN.  The sculpture, entitled Nursing: The Heart of Health Care, not only commemorates KFSN and its legacy, but also honors all nurses and the profession.  The likeness of the student nurse with a child reminds passers-by of the essential contribution nurses make to the health of the community and the care they provide to all patients.  The sculpture was created by Betty Saletta from Oakdale, California. 

The Legacy Continues

The legacy of KFSN continues through the telling of the story of KFSN and the granting of scholarships to nursing students.  An award winning video, The Legacy of Nursing, Honoring Our Past, was produced with the voices of alumni in 2016 by Kaiser Permanente’s Nurse Scholars Academy; an article, Kaiser’s School of Nursing: a 70 year Legacy of Disruptive Innovation, was published in Nursing Administrative Quarterly in January 2018; and documentation of the history of the school and how it relates to nursing education and practice today continues through the writing the story of KFSN.

Your donation to the KFSN Alumni Association’s Legacy Fund, will be used for the funding of scholarships for nursing students.  If you choose that your contribution be used for other legacy work, e.g. the writing and publishing of the book about KFSN, please designate.  Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.  Community Initiatives, a 501(c)3 organization, is KFSNAA’s fiscal sponsor, thus all contribution are tax deductible.

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